Friday, February 3, 2012

Lace Side Tables

So whenever I plan on going to visit a friend or family member I add their city to my Craigslist app and start browsing the furniture available for sale in their areas. On a recent trip to my parents' house I found a pair of sweet little side tables for sale. My Mom, being the good sport that she is, went with me to look at the tables and possibly purchase them.
When we arrived at the house we met a very nice couple that were in the process of selling their mother's belongings that were left over after she passed away. I thought the visit would last a total of 5 minutes. Get in, take a look, exchange the money, load the tables up, and be on our way. Needless to say, we visited with this couple for about 30-45 minutes. I really enjoyed chatting with them. This was a very pleasant Craigslist exchange.
Anyway, on to the refinished products!
Here are what the tables looked like when I got them.

I decided to go with two different finishes because who wants to have furniture that is too matchy! The first table was painted with Duck Egg Blue paint. I highlighted parts of the table with Old White paint. Now to the fun part...I was experimenting with a painting process I found while watching the Nate show. The lace design was painted with white paint and then mirrored paint. It turned out beautiful! The design has an almost 3D effect when you see it it person.

And finally the other table...I mixed Olive paint with Old White paint and distressed the table to let some of the wood show through. The lace design was painted with bronze paint.

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